Diana and Bahati

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua in a recent interview with True Love Magazine talked about her past relationship before she started dating Bahati.

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The mother of one, who first featured in Bahati’s Mapenzi video back in 2016, revealed that she caught her then-boyfriend cheating the day she was shooting the video.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

She said,

Bahati and I started off as friends. We met in 2016 when he was looking for a video vixen for his hit song Mapenzi.

The two in their early stages of dating, they used to refer to each other as prayer partners.

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I remember I was awe struck. I even took selfies for my Instagram followers. I was seeing someone when we met but on the day of the video shoot, I found him cheating inside his car. The tears you see in the video are real heartbreak tears.

Diana Marua also talked about how her relationship with Mama hitmaker has strengthened her relationship with God. She also said that being with Bahati, a gospel artiste changed her. She stopped drinking.

I respected Bahati so much that sometimes when I was tipsy and I knew I was going to meet him, I would chew many PKs to mask the smell. He would know I was tipsy but I always tried to make light of it.

The couple is the most criticized online but they’ve never let that deter them from doing what they love.

Their daughter, Heaven turned a year old in February and word has it that they’re expecting their second child.

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