They say everything that has a beginning, has an ending and I agree with that. Celebrated local actress-cum-radio presenter Jackline Nyaminde, popularly referred to as Wilbroda from the popular family dramedy, is a great example.


The mother of one, who is minting millions from various corporates thanks to her clean image, has confessed that this year has been a great one for her. Wilbroda, who just turned a year older today, has confessed that she has stopped taking alcohol and that she has become closer to God than ever.

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The multi-talented actress, who is also celebrating her 10th anniversary as Wilbroda in Papa Shirandula, says that her role opened a lot of chances for her. She is now a brand ambassador for several local brands, among them Dairy products, Jikokoa etc.



This year has been special to me in many ways. I finally got the courage to stop excuses and JUST DO IT.

I finally quit drinking. I never knew I’d be able to until I tried. And I DID IT!
I went to the gym and lost some weight. I was concerned for my health, so I DID IT!
I made meaningful friendships. I got closer with family, closer to God. At one point in life, you realise that there are very few people who truly care.
This year also marks my 10th year anniversary as Wilbroda in Papa Shirandula, a role that opened endless doors.
I’m eternally grateful to friends and family for their love and support, and to Almighty God for strength I didn’t think I had.
Here’s to me. Happy Birthday to me,” she posted on Instagram.

Wilbroda’s followers have congratulated her on the bold move and wished her all the best in life and here is what some had to say;

Shixkapienga: 👌👌👌❤❤❤ have a good one mami…Happy Birthday @nyaminde

Calvomistari: Happy Birthday and good on you for doing you..

Syombuaosiany: Happiest Birthday Nyamin. May God bless you more.

Edvine_maloba: May all ur endevours come to pass, Happy birthday Jackie.

This_is_gathoni: Wow! Happy Birthday, gai, inspiration right there, aki I’m even ashamed of me! I will Do It

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