Boy hadn’t we missed Elani.

The Kenyan band is back with not only a song but a whole album. Elani launched their album exclusively on Kiss FM on Wednesday and so far the response has been great.

Their fans, groupies and followers could not wait for them to get back together.


The trio in an exclusive interview with mpasho had a lot to say in regards to their time away. Given that they had a large following – of whom they learned about when they spoke up against MCSK on paying artists royalties.

Maureen has had her fair share of trolls on social media especially in regards to her weight-before she lost it- but there are always the extreme cases.

She gives the story of a time when they were trying to push their songs to their target audience and they decided to do tours within campuses. This was exciting for them until the most disgusting thing happened to Maureen.

Normal stages have that T kind of setting and when it was time for Maureen to hit her high note in their hit song ‘Kookoo‘ she moved to the front of the T and all she could feel was some wetness.

I was just waiting for Brian to finish I jump in with the chorus of kookoo and then I just felt something wet on my feet. Next thing I know there is a man who is licking my feet.

I know right, yak!

From then on Elani vowed to always have security with them. Maureen says it was hard for her to pull her leg from his hands so since it was one of those Mr and Mrs university competition, there were these muscular men.

The models had to act as their bouncers and helped Maureen of the stage. That was her “oh my God” moment but she still remains grateful that she has such die-hard fans.

‘Si Sauti Sol tu wanapush muziki!’ Elani break their silence in emotional album

In unison, the band agreed that having fans is good but there are those extremes and it gets weird.

Artists do need security on stage. In Ohio in 2010. While Cudi performed for thousands of fans, a drunken crowd member jumped up on stage and approached Cudi, but Cudi managed to connect a quick fist to the guy’s chin before he could do anything.

Watch Maureen narrate her experience:

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