ET 302 crash

A heartbreaking message from one of the victims who were on board the Ethiopian airline ET 302 before the crash has surfaced.

The screenshots of the conversation between the passenger and her father have gone viral.

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In one of the messages, she tells her father she will be traveling on March 10 and discloses that she isn’t excited even though she’s traveling to see her family.

My heart isn’t excited. I feel like there’s something bad but I don’t know what.

Her father responds to her message, telling her to pray about it.

ET 302 crash

The screenshot has gone viral and the late’s friend revealed whenever she comes across it, it opens her wound.

cla_kiala: I wish all these screenshots could go away. She is a friend of mine and wenever i see this screenshots it hurts more.

Also, a  family in Nakuru County lost five members in the crash. The five; a mother, her three children, and their grandmother, were returning home when their lives were cut short. The children were Canadian citizens. Their mother was working in Canada and their grandmother had visited them.

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On the flight was Sister Florence Yongi, a nun who had been serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who was also from Nakuru county.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the nun’s sister Mary recounted her last moments with her elder sibling. She said:

She sent me a text message after leaving Congo and after landing in Ethiopia. Then after that she told me she has left Ethiopia and we agreed to meet at the airport in Nairobi. Then after that, the news (on the plane crash) broke.

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