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Domestic violence seems to be at its best in the country.

Despite Human Rights activists and various organisations fighting effortlessly to ensure women and our children are protected, cases of domestic violence are still topping news reports everyday.

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A Kenyan woman by the name Doreen is the latest victim of domestic violence. She was battered by her lover and here she is asking for advice from fellow women. Read her post that has gone viral:

“My dear friends what do i do? He did it again, beat me up He degraded me. He made me feel like trash.

We have barely dated for five months and this is the third time he beat me up. Because i asked questions about girls and some cash? He has lived in my house for the last three and a half months I have fed him with my own money day in day out. I have technically licked his feet coz of what i feel.

First time he did it was because we moved in to a new plot and two days later he was already katiaring my neighbor who hapens to be my friend. Second time was still coz of a chic, also my friend. Now again he was expecting some cash from some source, when it came he deposited it to his mshwari savings acc then told me that he won’t make to pay the rent.

So when I found out the truth I confronted him and he lied to my face then i showed a screenshot of the transaction he made. Kindly guys help me make a decision do i go to the police? Do i just move on? Do i apologize for something i don’t know? What do i do? Am stressed up totally. I feel like my whole world is crushing, but one thing is for sure my heart beats for him. Any ideas of any juju is welcome, I think I might do it.”

Dear men, do you have to do this really? Why do this to a woman who truly loves you?

Here are photos of Doreen showing of her wounded face

Kenyan Woman Doreen