Kenyan transgender Letoya Johnstone has in a captivating post highlighted the difficult life she is subjected to daily to an extent of her contemplating suicide.

Letoya is majorly known for her daring fashion sense and her love for the catwalk.Sharing a photo of herself on Instagram she wrote

When people choose to break you ,
They find power that can reciprocate their own emptiness.

Sometimes I see youths wanting to be me but what they have no idea about is the things I have to endure for me to thrive.

I have been cut open many times,
And sometimes I bleed on those who never cut me ,
Those are like shattered mirrors.
I have been Blamed and suspected ,
I have been put through emotional and mental abuse until I almost took my own life away.

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She further adds:

I have lost dignity and worked under high powered hypocritical situations. The things we do for a dollar are worse than a sewer .

I am way too damaged that I would never wished any child to be me. Do you even have an idea of what I have to go through to get paid ?
Have you ever received money but when you look at it , all you see is the pain and humiliation you had to endure; now I understand why they say money is not everything.

TRY TO CRY UNDER WATER and you will understand exactly what I mean. It is exhausting and chocking.
All these beauty you people get to appreciate I don’t even see .

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I am always looking for something to fix to make these people do me right .

But what if wrong is just how my life was designed ?
There is so much I wish I could write but I can’t because I have so much pain .

This pain is weighing me down and I feel like taking my own life away.

Letoya Johnstone

Letoya adds that she feels like one of these days people might push her too hard and she will not be able to survive it.

I have begged , cried , tried to be nice and even stayed longer and became the most loyal , yet I am still being cut by the windows of the house I keep building.

I am trying to cry but I can’t even remove a sound. I can’t even feel my own pain. I am numb . 
You are going to kill me one of these days . Someone has to do something.


Transgender Letoya Johnstone
I fear not for someone else but for myself. My fear is that I will take my own life away because of someone keeps breaking me and wakes up like they can’t even see me dying. Dying from their own sword . 

I wish that those who killed 😭😭 themselves by hanging through a rope could write to me and tell me how fast it takes to die .

I am giving up on life guys . I can’t take this anymore. I am hurting so bad because I can’t get what is rightfully mine . 
Toy Toy Baby 😍

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