Rumour mongering is part and parcel of the music industry. Some would go as far as arguing that rumours keep the showbiz industry alive. Often, celebrities wake up to all sorts of rumours about themselves. Sometimes they wake up to find that someone ‘killed’ them while they were sleeping and find a flurry of rest in peace messages waiting for them. For Jose Chameleone, rumours that he is a member of the Illuminati just won’t die down and he has chosen to address them again.

Illuminati! Jose Chameleone Responds To Allegations He Sacrificed His Brother For Wealth

The Ugandan hit maker has had to live with this rumours that he is Illuminati though he has tried to refute them time and again. This morning, Jose Chameleone said enough is enough and addressed these rumours in a lengthy Instagram post. He said:

After Denying He Is Illuminati, Jose Chameleone Shows Off His Mansion (PHOTOS)