Parents to Anna Zambi and her siblings who passed away while she sat for KCPE

As people prepare to celebrate the festive season one woman will not do so after losing her son Gabriel Zambi and his entire family in flash floods.

Anna Kamwela is the paternal grandmother to Anna Zambi, a form 4 candidate who lost her entire family as they traveled to go visit her in school.

It was only after she was through with her exam that she learnt of her family’s death.

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Speaking during an interview with Global TV Anna Kamwela said, she had spoken to her son, Gabriel, a day before his death.

‘I had talked to my son and he told me he would come back home to thank the people in the community for having helped bury his dad in November.

I called him but he did not receive the call, so I called the wife who told me how happy she was to hear my voice.

She then told me we would see each other later once schools closed.’

Zambi family killed in flash floods

Anna added,

‘That was the last time we spoke, every time I called them they were mteja.

I talked to my grand kids and told them that I had tried to contact my son and he was unavailable.

That was unlike him because he always picks my calls.

So I started wondering if maybe he was sick.’

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Anne added,

‘On Sunday I was going to church when my pastor asked me to go home with him. That is when I was informed about the deaths.

I refused to believe the news and my grand kid grabbed the phone and I lost consciousness after that.’

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