Ezra of FBI dance crew and his girlfriend Isha Raffi did an unfiltered interview with Mpasho.co.ke on Instagram Live.

The two made headlines when Isha exposed Ezra for cheating on her after three years of being together.

The two are now back together and Isha says the reason she exposed him was that she was receiving a lot of DMs from social media users of Ezra having fun.

“Before my posts, we had broken up a month ago. People were sending me videos of him in parties and so I had to make it clear to them that we are not together anymore”

“After my first post, people started sharing receipts about him”

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Adding that she was not over him, another reason she accepted him back.

“We are friends, we’ve clicked and we have that chemistry with each other”


Asked whether he cheated her, Raffi admitted to having been cheated on but in the past.

“There was so many issues and it reached a point that he and me couldn’t communicate any more, so it was so difficult dealing with him”

“He did so many things he is not proud of”

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Adding that,

“I am not saying that he has never cheated on me, Yes, Ezra has cheated on me. But that is not one of the reasons we broke up this time”

When asked about the accusations that Ezra was physically abusive to her, she chose not to speak on the sensitive issue

“Somethings are true but some I posted out of anger”

Ezra described Isha as his best friend;

“She is my best friend,we can go even for a month without friends. We just enjoy our own company”

Screenshots of conversation between J Blessing and Ezra’s bae Isha Raffi after exposé

Check out their interview;


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