If you know me very well, I am a smooth guy with a liking for girls with a svelte physique. It is a no brainer. Petite above everything. However, I do not completely ignore the curvy ones. I do not stop there though; I love me a lady who can make me burst out laughing randomly. This should come naturally; I hate dry jokes.

Trying too much is a turn off.

So I’ll take it back to 2013 when I became friends with an MP’s daughter. Yes, you might know her father …he’s famous for his flashy lifestyle and controversial headlines. He often goes on trips abroad and is keen on keeping his family away from the limelight. In fact, not many people know about his gorgeous daughter.

I no longer feel hurt like I used to.

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She and I used to chat late into the night frequently. You know, those 3AM conversations in the dark, the ones that we do after switching off the lights. The ones we do under our duvets or blankets, whichever you cover yourself with. The ones that are mostly pointless yet worth it? The ones you do because you want to make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world? I bet you can relate.

I’ll name her Maryanne (not here real name) so as to avoid exposing her identity. This was the nature of our relationship. I was still an up and coming blogger without a custom domain to my name. The only thing I had to impress her with was my wit. Well also my smart way of talking and how I pampered her with sweet words and made her feel like a queen. She was somehow a big fan of my writing work but that wasn’t her priority in our relationship. Maryanne was all about her.

Fast forward to a week prior to Valentine’s Day, I had told her about the dope things we would do. We were to start the morning by going on a picnic walk at an exclusive garden in Karen. Then we were to have a late lunch at a restaurant in The Mall, Westlands before going out to the movies later that night. My heart was racing with anticipation as I thought about what would happen once the day was a wrap (…if you know what I mean)

On the eve of the big day, I had been watching Mad Men on my laptop. It was popping back then. You know how we used to do it; those 50 bob CDs that never lasted for two months because of too much reuse. I wish we had the technology we have now which allows us to watch the hottest TV shows of the moment. I thank God I now have Showmax where I can watch all my favorite movies and TV shows at a very affordable price. In fact, the other day I was re-watching Mad Men the other day, which inspired me to write this article.

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Anyway, back to the story. Having spent the whole night watching and trying to reach Maryanne via calls or text, I was so sleepy the next morning. I wished her a happy Valentine’s Day on text and told her that we would link up for dinner that evening. A few minutes later, sleep yanked my mind away. The next moment I woke up was late afternoon to find a text from Maryanne, telling me that she’s in hospital.

“What could be wrong?” I panicked! My calls were not being picked, nor did I get text replies. I had no whereabouts of her location. Why was she acting all weird all of a sudden? Could she be the fact that she was a seemingly high-maintenance chick?

mad men
Mad Men was my favorite show back in the day

Three years down the line, I regret having given her time because she went on to be with someone else. I never even got an official breakup note. I only saw her rolling with a new dude on social media a few months later. We still talk from time to time and I am hoping that her dad will win in the next general election. He’s running for a higher seat. I think senator or governor.

Now, I’m not cautioning you not to date a public figure’s daughter; just be aware of what you’re in for. You could get dumped on Valentine’s Day like it’s nothing. Instead, spend your time working hard to get enough money so that you don’t get dumped for being the loser. Have enough money to have a say.

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