Woman Crying

A city woman is paying for her sins after leaving his boyfriend for another man.

According to this woman, her ex-boyfriend was poor and she decided to settle down with a rich man, who later went broke.

Wanaume ni wale wale! Wife discovers her lecturer husband has been cheating on her with his student

She says her ex-boyfriend is the new sheriff in town and he is getting married to another woman.

“I dumped my boyfriend for another man because he was not making it as of then, and I did not want to suffer so I took the next available option and got married to the richer man. Few months after our wedding things went bad, he got scammed a huge amount of money that took him down to zero and I faced that same poverty I was running from,” she said.

Adding that:

“I stumbled on my ex and he had made money, I was ashamed but he still embraced me and was willing to help me, I wanted him to help my husband but he refused, so he gave me a job in his company , one thing led to another and we started having sex again , my husband found out and we separated .
I did not care because I was benefiting a lot from my ex. Not until a few days ago he gave me his wedding card and it dawned on me that I have messed up my life, he got me fired over a simple mistake and too all the official benefits from me and I am back to zero. Bom death is my only option. I feel useless, I feel dirty. I have lost everything, I have nothing. How do I start, I want to die, I will die I want to drink poison and just end it.”

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