Jimmy Gathu

Veteran radio presenter Jimmi Gathu says about two years ago, he hit rock bottom.

The media personality who started ruling the airwaves in the 90s reveals that he lost himself when he was shown the door at his former workplace, Nation FM.

He told Grace Msalame on NTV’s Unscripted With Grace;

It was bad. I lost myself. I lost faith in myself. I was broken. At the height of my game, at the point where I was told go home, my show was the biggest radio show in the country. And even at that, I was told, no, go home. I had never been without a job for 30 years. And the first envelope that came out was mine. So that was hard.

Adding that;

At one point you are that guy who can take your kids anywhere. And then one day you can’t. It’s painful. People think this guy squandered his money.

Gathu says his wife was his support system, a person that helped him go out of his depressed thoughts and look for a plan B.

I figured myself out two years ago. I found myself, I discovered what my brand meant. When I came in there were no mentors, no one taught me how to handle myself. That’s why three years ago when I hit a snag, I dropped badly because I didn’t know how to pick myself up.

Jimmy Gathu

Gathu is approaching 50 years, he says he once wanted to be a preacher of the word.

At some point in my life, my plan was to be a preacher, a street preacher. I fasted and prayed for 31 days, drunk only water. In October 1987-88. Didn’t get the answer that I was looking for and then went through life.

He is coming back to the media industry and the only hints he gives is that he is going back to where he started.

Two years when I was down, that memory came back and I went back and I told God, I can’t fix things. If it wasn’t for my wife, things wouldn’t be like this right now. 

Jimmy Gathu

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