Huddah Monroe has been in the limelight for a while now. From her cosmetic line which includes lipstick to being the face of a five-star Tanzanian  hotel.


The good girl gone bad Huddah knows how to attract attention her way and for now she wants to talk about her sexual orientation since she has been receiving a lot of direct messages on her social media pages asking whether she is also attracted to women.


She has been busy teaching and mentoring her fans during her makeup classes on how to be empowered women and entrepreneurs.


Through her social media pages, Huddah addressed this issue by posting a photo which she captioned:

“I miss my KING
And for those who keep asking on my DM! I am not BISEXUAL! I DONT do WOMEN! I love DICK too much! 😍😌
Most of my friends are GAY 💯 and I love them to death but I don’t swing that way with women! Sawa? Thanks. Love you! ❤️”


Here are some reactions from her followers:

philiphmuindex: Lemmie be your king…… 😍😛😘😘😘😘😘

brilliance_briance_: Hudda you are so real and truthful. You will live long in good health @huddahthebosschick @huddahthebosslady

baezohgood:  to know although for u anything goes…..I don’t care wat u might be u still remain a true diva

olatetswe: 😍😍😍😍😍

mkenyafulani: Keeping it real lovely gal

[email protected]_hijab_my_beauty:  huu ubongo wake

ahmedagbolahan: Awesome

grillztunechi: LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂

baibiee: I love you for this caption. [email protected]@

__tasha__lee: Haha Crazy u @huddahthebosschick 😂😂

evann_jumas: For that reason I’ll always respect u

atm_star: Mtoto anapenda dude kinooouma bro…[email protected] @huddahthebosschick loud n direct..jyoh….its killed me 😂😂😂

sam_muze: Yeah!sawa sawa we Love u too….

switch_khalifa: And i love pussy so much @huddahthebosschick so we do a collabo😝

etosa_wedding_empire: Hahaha

dolitah: Eiiishh!!!

oscar_biutah: Waambie kieleweke😂😂

adepa_serwaa: love you

love_and_faith_peace: Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to no one, they Will talk or Rumourmonger any… Wine and dine your Life 😄

princejuliusjulius: Yes you good it

minsrih: After wamemalizana na computer generated leaders,.. Please tell all chemical generated light skins that we are coming for them!! Kina vera sidika,… Not even the half baked will be spared, so khaligraph Jones pia ajipange na form 34A and Bs za how they became light skins!! We want a a free and fair light skin nation. Slay queens wamekuwa wengi Sana.