Are you a wild man or woman? What are some of the wild things you’ve done when making love? Are you a freak?

A city girl has exposed her man who she says loves public display of affection and will do anything including finger**g her in public. This has forced the girl to stop wearing panties and she’s torn in between telling him to stop or letting him continue with his habit. She says she can’t control his wildness.

“My man loves Public display of affection (pda)  but in a very strange way, like wanting to finger me while we are out, most of the times I don’t wear underwear anymore, he wants me wearing things to reveal my boobs, he loves spontaneous naughty things, we are extra naughty at home, I can say we have played all round the territory of lovemaking.

I am a very beautiful tall lady, he, on the other hand, is so damn cute, people don’t believe our combination. but I realized he only tries to touch me when other guys are starring and it can be uncomfortable because I am not used to those things. he’s a corporate guy who shouldn’t be caught doing things like that but he doesn’t care. Well, I care because I fear God… Lol but truth be told it’s so sexy when he does that but sometimes I feel the need to rebuke him but he won’t listen. How do I control his wildness in public? Has anyone been in my shoes before?”

Here is what social media users had to say;

Oreila: Lol..he has seen too much fifty shades of there’s nothing wrong with pda if u guys are “married” don’t u see what’s happening.. U guys aren’t married and he’s doing all that in public..spoiling ur chances if he leaves u

Alexie: If you like don’t rebuke him fast.. Very soon, it will escalate to a threesome, then watching you have sex with other men, then the final one will be having sex with you when his friends are there or even borrowing you.

Octobergirl: He can do it in a way that ppl actually won’t see. Not doing it deliberately when they are looking. That’s not love

Precious: Pls put an end to it since you aren’t comfy with d wild lifestyle…don’t displease yourself to pls another

Mariam: do you even have respect for yourself?
Felix: You’re in the shoe alone, when he started the first time you were enjoying it and now you’re complaining. Mtcheeew

Imarralph: Sorry to burst your bubble, the woman he will marry, he’ll treat her like a queen in public.

Vee: Before u know he will leave u to go and marry one reserve gal like that 😀😀😀be wise and tell him to make u his wife that u can even open for him inside the church to finger🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😅

Teddy: Trying to finger u in public when others are watching is a PDDD… Public Display of Disrespect and Disgrace. No sane man won’t do that to his wife.
chris_coinI hope he marries u later after fumbling your nipple outside where many guys will see you both. Don’t forget stuff u did today might come back to hunt u tomorrow.

Misswang: 1Finger you outside, press your boobs in public. If this is what “PDA” means, I am not interested.

Ceejoe: Lol. He’s simply marking his territory in his own way in from of ur admirers…

Ruby: When he finishes denting your image outside he’ll go and marry a responsible girl.