A city girl who is in love with the trappings that come with being a well paid socialite doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend by telling him about her side job.

The girl who is in university also doesn’t want to stop being a high-end escort.

Here is how she narrates her dilemma.

“I’m 21 and my boyfriend is 24. We are both in the university. I’m in my final year and he is in his third year. He is not financially stable coz he’s a student I have a secret which no one knows of not even my friends and its about to ruin my relationship.

I am an escort and have been one for about a year now. I don’t necessarily have to sleep with men I also keep them company and get paid and sometimes travel with them. These men are mostly older men who need the company of a fresh young girl to travel with. sometimes i get gigs to certain parties e.t.c With this i have been able to pay my school fees, fund my project work and live comfortable without all the money problems that come with being a student (I’m a Nigerian schooling in ivory coast).

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Recently, i met my current boyfriend. We met at a school gathering. I love him so much. I know I’m in love because I’ve never felt this way and I’ve never cared about any man the way i care for him. One day he visited me and he read my diary. He didn’t read everything because i caught him half way. He found out how I got my new phone (A sugar daddy gave it to me) he didnt speak to me for 2 weeks i thought he had already broken up with me until he called me last night to tell me that he still loves me and he would want to work things out with me. He also said that he knew something was wrong coz he felt i was hiding something from him. He asked me to meet him so he can listen to my explanation and to tell him any other secret I’m hiding because thats the only way he can trust me again. I’m scared that if i tell him i’m an escort as well he will never want to have anything to do with me the funny things is I’m not ready to stop until I’m done with school (im graduating in august next year) Coz i know he cant handle my bills..he might hate me for this and i will lose him forever. I really love him with my whole heart and I don’t want to lose him.”

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