Makena Njeri

Twitter has always known to be an unsafe space with people facing a lot of backlash because of what they believe in or simply because people just don’t like or understand them.

Makena NjeriMakena Njeri a former Tahidi high actress was on the receiving end of twitter bullies and she even took to her Instagram to share some of the things people have said.

She captioned the post, ‘I put this post up today to help anyone who has been bullied before or continues to be bullied everyday.”

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“These are a fraction of the few I could find because to be honest I purposed to rise above hate and I don’t keep track as much but I look at this tweet and I imagine the same humans who own those accounts are out here typing these hurtful comments to bring individuals down without thinking about their actions.”

She continued,

“It’s painful that in this day and age bullying is fast becoming the reason why many people loose hope, many people stop chasing their dreams, many people start hating their beautiful bodies, many people start questioning their sexuality and sadly many people commit suicide while at it because of these individuals.”

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Makena NjeriMakena went ahead to spread some home to individuals who have been cyberbullied.

“Today I want to encourage everyone who is going through this that we all need to remember that hurt people hurt people they are not deserving of your time. Let your positive energy remain unscathed and even if it happens because we are all humans remember who you are and rise up, your purpose is not yet accomplished!”

Makena Njeri

She sent out a message to trolls.

“To the bullies you have a lot of pain to deal with I can never understand hate it’s never made any sense to me. Think about your disgusting behavior and remember you might be killing someone at the end of your comment. Remember who you are and rise above hate you are a Lion! I am unstoppable ✊”

The post inspired many among them Martin Kimathis who reacted to it.

He wrote,

“They really envy you. Keep shining 🖤🖤’and even fans came through for her, ‘No matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult or unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive…”

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