The memory we have of 2007 as Kenyans is still a fright to many. The post-election period which turned out to be full of serious tribal violence had many people caught up, each with different stories.

Jalang’o was no exception then. He narrated on HOT 96 his story on what he went through back then. He used to live in Mwiki where his landlord who was a Kikuyu lady and all his neighbours were Kikuyu too.

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He remembers sending his neighbours to buy him food as he could not leave his house because everyone knew he was a Luo. He was locked up in the house during the post-election violence. The area was unsafe for him yet he was well versed with the Kikuyu language.

At that point, he learned to live in an area of people away from his tribe. His roommate was a Kikuyu who housed him there before he could afford his own pad.

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He remains very grateful to his neighbours and his late landlady whose burial he attended after she succumbed to a chronic disease.

He finishes the story by saying he does not understand what tribalism is because he was in the midst of Kikuyus who treated him like a brother and a friend. Jalas said they had his back all through such a tough time in his life.