Carol Radull

Radio queen Carol Radull, a sports fanatic, and Arsenal diehard fan is one of the top female sports journalists in Africa.

She is passionate about sports and many have been rooting for her to vie for a seat in the sports ministry and FKF seat.


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Speaking during Instagram Live with, Radull said she wasn’t going to contest for any seat.

“I don’t want to be sports CS.  I see people say it all the time; get into FKF, BECOME SPORTS cs. THE HArd cold fact is that not every job is for everyone with a passion for it. I would like to support people who I think could qualify to be in those positions who love  sportS and there are many out there who probably don’t have a microphone like me so you don’t realize how good they are in promoting and managing sports,” she said.


I  don’t mind somebody to come forward and I’d say yes I know this person, I know their track record and give them my vote of confidence whether it is for FKF or sports CS. It needs to be SOmeone passionate about sports. I just don’t want to be bogged down in those positions. I don’t think you have to be in those positions to make a difference. 

Radull also talked about the government’s failure  live up to their promises of constructing more stadiums which would be used by our sportspeople across the country.

“When it comes to the sports ministry our government already has it wrong by mixing sports, youth, and culture and heritage. because I think each of those deserves their own respect/attention.  it is hard for whoever you put in the sports ministry to perform because the government as a whole doesn’t see the seriousness of sports. they need to know sports is work and not for fun. Take it as an industry!” she explained.

Most sportspeople especially footballers are suffering during this COVID-19  pandemic and we hope after their plights were highlighted on social media, the ministry is going to do something.

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