Heh! Dunia imepasauka. Marriage is the new stage for circus freaks. The things that happen behind closed doors will make you gag with disgust.

One married woman narrated how she is in a loveless union with her husband who brings women to their matrimonial home and proceeds to sleep with them.

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The worst scenario was one where the hubby had a twosome in the sitting room in the presence on his kids.

“I did not mind I endured his cheating for 8years of marriage cause of my children. He will beat me up in front of them and call me names. Even my son fights him and ask him to stop then he beats all of us including my kids. My pastors kept saying pray pray pray he will change. Pray pray the devil is at work. I prayed but he got worse. Bring women home and slept with them in our sitting room or bed room, I practically had to move to the guest room.

Yesterday this man gave me the shock of my life. I was in my room watching tv when I slept off leaving my kids in the sitting room as they watched cartoon.
For me to wake up and come down stairs to take them in I saw my husband sleeping with 2 girls in front of my kids, first it was like a joke, as I saw my son and daughter watching them with the remote on their hands. So I rushed and took them in and for the first time I ran into the kitchen and broke his head with a bottle. I noticed he fainted and the girls ran out so I had to rush him to the hospital that night.

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The doctor said he is fine so I just left the hospital and decided to send this message cause I’m helpless and really need someone to talk to. I don’t want to divorce my husband. What else can I do about this situation ? I need solutions please.”

Angry readers commented with the following advice

Are u mad? What do u mean by you don’t want to divorce your husband. He did it in front of your children and you’re still looking for advice. Stay there.

If you don’t want divorce then stay, endure and keep praying, shey thats what u want to hear.

Hopefully the broken bottle will reset his brain if not, flee for the time is near

Do you know what your husband did will affect your children emotionally and mentally? Your are just a selfish inconsiderate person nor putting your kids well-being first.

You could either wait till he kills you…or you would be smart and get both yourself and your innocent kids out of that unhealthy situation.

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