Veteran actor Eddie Mbugua has opened up on his illustrious acting career.

Speaking to Mpasho about a movie project, You Again, that he worked on with Nick Mutuma, Eddie said,

“I was recovering from my achilles tendon rapture when the call came in. I sensed a whiff of catastrophe as I was required to shoot the following morning. Arriving on set, Nick involuntarily mouthed “You look so young,” under a very polite but concerned tone. That’s when I discovered I was to play his father.”

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“Despite the apparent Hobson’s choice, we were able to immediately develop a father and son rapport. I was grateful to the team for their empathy towards my injury as I had a slight limp, which we did our best to mask in my scenes.”

Besides playing a yummy daddy to Nick, Eddie got the chance to play the role of a sponsor on the TV Show Socialites.

Speaking about playing the role of Edward on Socialites, he explained,

“I’ve always enjoyed working with Philippe Bresson and Grace Kahaki, they trust me with room to interpret my character. Right off the bat I said I wanted to play a vulnerable male character, as there are no namby pamby roles for men on Kenyan television. And as I am comfortable in my masculinity, I was comfortable with it.”

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He noted,

“I cannot afford to be a sponsor, yet, but when I do…the show brought plenty a lesson.”

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