Tanasha and Diamond

Is all well between Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sandra Kassim and her daughter-in-law?

Well, word has been going around that Tanasha and Diamond are not in good terms as well as his family.

Recently, the couple held their son’s 40 days party and according to sources, Tanasha and her mother-in-law never saw eye to eye.

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Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers, the singer’s mother refuted the claims, saying

I do not know where you got the allegations that Tanasha and I fell out; treat such claims as rumors. Did you want me to follow her all over the place? People should stop engaging in baseless speculations. That is not true.

Tanasha is currently in Kenya and while talking about her whereabouts, Diamond’s mother said,

I stayed with her until the advanced stages of her pregnancy. So, there is no way she would have left without informing me. I do not know when she will return. If you really want an answer to that question, then go look for her in Kenya and pose the question to her.

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Apparently, Tanasha never gave Mrs Sandra a chance to hold her grandson. Previous 40 days parties of Diamond’s other kids, his mother was always present and happy.

Also, during Tanasha’s baby’s party, her body language and Diamond’s suggested that all wasn’t well in paradise.

Tanasha and Diamond's body language speaks volumes

Kwani ni makasiriko? Looks at how Dimaond moved his hands from Tanasha.

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