Ruth Matete is among the few celebrities who’ve been raised by single parents.

The gospel artiste, was raised by her dad, Abel Amunga, after her mother died when she was eight years. All along, she has been living with her father and on her wedding day, he walked her down through the aisle.

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Matete, and her Nigerian husband are both praise and worship singers at the House of Grace and while talking about her father, she wrote,


I don’t have memories of my biological mother. I know her name is Jennifer. They were high school sweethearts who had me when they were way too young. Dad says I have her height. She passed away when I was 8 years old. And since then, my dad is who I have known as a father, mother, teacher, coach, friend. A girl who has been raised by a single father is a different kind of girl.

Matete went ahead to give points of children who are raised by single fathers, saying they are totally different from the rest.

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Below are the points she outlined, go through;

1. She is confident. Because ber father was brutally honest with her. Told her she can do anything she puts her mind to do

2. She is head strong. No one was there to teach her how to be “lady like”. She knows what she wants and goes for it

3. She commits quickly. She is an all or nothing kind of girl. She loves wholeheartedly. Her mother wasn’t there to teach her how to play mind games.

4. She has an enormous heart. Regardless of how many times it’s broken, she manages to find a way out of the pain and learns to love again

5. She’s not afraid to hurt. When she was little, and would fall, her dad would quickly say “Get up and try again”. Now that she’s an adult she understands that a little pain comes with the territory of falling in love.

Daddy, you’re my hero. I have waited for this moment for so long and it came to pass. Thank you for being the father you are. I am blessed to call you daddy.

Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete with her father

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