Top Kenyan producer and director J blessing has opened up in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.

He has spoken about his relationship with Chantelle, the rumours of infidelity and their new relationship.

Asked what happened with Chantelle, J Blessing said,

“Nothing happened.”

Adding, “God’s way is not our way. Thank God we are still friends. We do talk. There is a reason why we meet with Chantelle and had a baby together and all that happened. I don’t regret any moments.”

In a past Instalive video J Blessing talked about his past relationships.

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J BlessingJ Blessing continued, “I don’t hate Chantelle and I believe she doesn’t hate me either. Nor does she me. We are good if you see us having coffee don’t start saying [are they back together?] She is my friend when you are with someone you want to see their best and I also wanted to see her being her best. If not then you did not love them.”

When they were still dating, Chantelle was spotted looking cosy with another man.

Check out the video here.

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Of course, we had to ask him the hard question. Did Chantelle cheat on you?

J Blessing was diplomatic with his response.

“I don’t want to say anything about that because I was not there. All I know is that we were together and we are not together anymore.”

Watch the entire interview with our very own Kalondu Musyimi.

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