Mr. Jemedari needs a job as an event critic, someone? Anyone?

The weekend was what was supposed to be a lit one. Casper Nyovest was in Kenya.

The event wasn’t really hyped much but for those hip-hop fans, they were eagerly waiting not only for Casper but for others. People like Occtopizo and Khaligraph to finally share a stage and of course Fena.

Khaligraph Jones on stage with his bro Span,KOB

So yes, Casper came but at 4 am, yet the show was starting at 10 pm. Revelers were already too drunk but hey, they had to see this South Africa big star on a Kenyan stage.

Just but a summary of the TGRfest. Back to Jemedari. So he was literally live tweeting for his fans every step of the show. If you did not attend the show, he was there to give you all the updates.

As per the norm, he threw so much shade. This time he set his sights on one Chipukeezy. The event was MC’ed by Chipukeezy and Shaffie Weru. What upset Jemedari and the rest of the tweeps was that Chipukeezy was busy telling the crowd to Odi.

Don’t get them wrong, Odi is our new identity but not at that event. So according to KOT (Kenyans On Twitter), Chipukeezy has no knowledge of Hip-hop as compared to Shaffie Weru who is a cool kid. So basically, Chipukeezy alikuwa anachoma mbaya!

Chipukeezy was not the only one getting a dose of Jemedari. Octopizoo hakuponea. According to Jemedari, Octopizzo did a shady job on that stage. Before Octo started his set, he was busy complaining that an international act, Casper comes late for the event but the other locals who were on time get punished and harassed for his mistakes.

Wembe ni ule ule! Woman who exposed Chipukeezy for lying spotted doing this with another Kenyan comedian

Octopizzo was also bashed last week after he made it clear he doesn’t want anyone taking pictures of him, a job assigned to his official photographers. This was after a photographers image of him was used to hype this event, yet his work was not credited and it was a good picture.

Musician Octopizzo

Basically, all Jemedari had for Octopizzo is that, it is not all about how you look on stage but what you will do on stage, work must be done! Showbiz kando! Octopizzo came right after Khaligraph Jones, who from the reviews, he killed the show. You would think he was the main act. But doesn’t he always?

He got fan love after he brought the Short and sweet hitmaker, Sauti Sol as a surprise act to perform their collaboration, Rewind.

Here are Jemedari’s tweets:



For those who were in attendance, do you agree with Jemedari or nah?