Zari’s best friend Akothee has told off bloggers claiming she attacked Tanasha Donna for editing her photos.

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In a previous post, Akothee wrote,

You can edit your photos and live a life full of lies, but you can’t edit your life and live a life free from lies, face reality, you can’t lie to yourself, but you can fool the world!.

Nobody cares until they meet you in real life living a lie then you will know, that living an expensive life on social media is a state of mind, live your life like it is! You are doing better than most things you see posted on social media.

Many speculated that the mother of five directed her post to Diamond Platnumz’s current baby mama Tanasha.

Tanasha Donna

Akothee responded saying she has no time to pin fellow women down and that Tanasha was her daughter’s agemates and she considers her as one of them.

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The Sweet Love hitmaker also said that she had no business with Tanasha’s life and if she edits her photos that was her choice.

This is totally wrong🙄🙄. Stop dragging this girl into unnecessary things., she just gave birth for Gods sake. Kama kuna kitu sipendi ni ujinga na kugonganisha watu! I have no business with people’s lives, I don’t even know what’s going on in her life, all I know is that she just gave birth barely 3 months ago and as a mother She has all the time to breast feed her baby and feel herself! I have no time to put a woman down! If you read my captions, then just know I am not responsible for your understanding! Excuse me! Tanasha is the agemate of my daughters and I will treat her as one of them. So stop all this rubbish! If she edits her photos that’s her choice! How does it affect me going to the toilet? Mtanikoma na hii ujinga yenu #2020 siweki mtu.

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