The artiste standing in front of one of his homes

Ringtone is one of the most controversial musicians in Kenya. And no, the controversy does not spring from his gospel music, but rather what he says and does outside his music.


The singer recently revealed something unexpected: The “Wacha Iwe” hitmaker has revealed he is  broke and does not have the money people think he has. In an interview with Hot 96 on Tuesday, he said:

I am very broke, I do not have money right now. I do not even have my fare back home. You can not speculate, I have no money.

Ringtone window shopping for a chopper

The hosts of the show were, however, doubtful about his claim and decided to ransack his pockets to confirm. They found about Sh50,000 in his pocket and wondered aloud how he could say he was broke with that amount of money in his pocket.

The singer posing

He responded by declaring that the money was not his and that it had a specific mission, which did not include himself.

This appears to be another publicity stunt, with the musician doing almost anything to get attention.

Ringtone claims to have been conned over 800,000 for Zari’s engagement ring

This is the same man who had a Ranger Rover Sport driven to the Radio Africa offices where Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan had done an interview earlier ostensibly to gift the machine to her.

Ringtone trying to put a ring on it

The singer has also on several occasions prayed in public for a woman to marry, adding he is well off and can take care of her.


For a man who has claimed to have a home in Runda and is supposedly building a hotel, this last revelation that he is broke is puzzling. But it is a very Ringtone thing to do. Very…

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