The news of a University of Nairobi lecturer staying with the son’s decomposing body in the house has shocked many.

Hannah Kahungani Inyama who is a lecturer at the faculty of School of Nursing was arrested because after the son died, she did not report the death nor take the son to the hospital.

She kept the body of her son in her house for days hoping he would resurrect, according to reports.

Hannah told detectives that her son “stopped breathing” on Saturday at 8.30 am.

This is the South B house where UON lecturer stayed with dead son

hannah-khahugani inyama
Hannah Khahugani Inyama

The apartment caretaker Stephen Mwangi told detectives how he discovered the dead decomposing body of her 13-year-old son.

“I had not seen either of them for about four days and on Wednesday evening I noticed that there was a foul odour emanating from the house on the sixth floor.”

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This prompted him to check through the window and he told detectives that he saw a body wrapped in a blanket lying in the sitting room. That is when he rushed to call the police.

“I knocked the door but nobody opened. I decided to call and I could hear the phone ringing but no one answered it. I then decided to peep through the window which was not locked and I saw the body wrapped in a brown blanket with yellow stripes,” he said.

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Hannah Inyama
Hannah Inyama

The caretaker said that he had not seen the boy for the last seven months.

“I had not seen the boy for several months. The tenant had a house help who left late last year and since then she has been staying with the son only,” Mwangi said. Some relatives told police the suspect had lately shown signs of depression and withdrawal.

“She used to be a very jovial and talkative woman,” the caretaker added, “But changed in the last two months and would hardly talk to people.”

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