After the whole Louis Otieno and Swaleh Mdoe financial situation made headlines, Jamila Mbugua a former news anchor comes out to weigh in on the situation.

Jamila puts into context how it is easy to sink into the same situation of financial ruin. She is not the only one, recently, BBC journalist Ferdinand Omondi also explained what is ailing the media personalities.

If you missed his piece read it here.

Former KTN’s Ferdinand Omondi explains why TV news anchors are going flat broke yet they are paid well

Jamila Mbugua has come out to highlight the life of a media personality living in the limelight.

“Here is the thing about Louis story and many other people in the lime light. You don’t really have friends and your ‘family’ may not even be your blood relatives but those who can handle your calling.

Some will master the overcomer mentality, while others won’t. I remember early in my career how strangers would come to the 20th floor of Nyayo house, claiming to be my relatives and that since they were in town, they just thought to come check on me! Lies. 

And I’d have to part with lunch or bus fare which they assumed I had just because they watched me read the news.

Assumptions are destructive. And because at that early age you’re still struggling with your identity and being liked and not looking like fame went thru your head, you try to be nice.

But woe unto you if you don’t wake up to the fact that there are people who just don’t get it. The only difference between you and them is that you are on TV, otherwise the struggles are the same, at times worse.

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Jamila-MbuguaI learnt fast how to not carry everyone’s problems, learnt to ignore all the ‘harambee’ cards dropped at the reception, ignore the invites to every event in town because that’s not what mattered, it’s how seriously i took my job and not try to be a superwoman. I didn’t have to get everyone a job since the CVs just couldn’t stop coming.

I don’t understand, the audacity with people, that I’m better placed to get them jobs. It sucks! Nobody got me the job, I tarmacked just as you did and now give me a break to get the job done.

So for most anchors and TV personalities there’s little help for you if you’re moved by people and what they think of you. It is none of their business where or how you live unless you want to make it their business. It’s so much pressure already just seating on that ‘hot’ seat to deliver a good interview or the bulletin!

Take control of your life cos only you know how your paycheck looks like or who your source is. You will soon sink, if you don’t deal with your heart and soul issues- It’s how you end up selling your precious body parts!

It’s not worth it. You either become hard, learn to say no, or get caught up in the madness cos you lacked self control. Nobody has it all together. You make small steps till you learn what’s important and what’s not. I don’t even know how they do it. I wish we had shrinks taking us thru the image thing every so often cos it’s a big challenge for the average person.

I pity the young ones who are just now making it into the industry with crooked perceptions about how fast they’ll rise, become famous and drive big cars…

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Please forget the fame and all the lies you heard about being in the media. If you want to get rich quickly, marry a rich man or become a tenderprenuer or walk with God…

Look, you can spread your wings, especially if you’re to live decently in this town, take up other gigs, start a clothing line or something, use your name to open other streams of income but just don’t get sucked into the image thing that will only rob you of your joy! I didn’t even get the 6 figure salary until a few years back, and even then, the most money i ever made was not as a TV presenter.

What matters to me is that I use the platform God gave me to bring hope.. nothing else matters, money will come and go but if what you do is based on what you’re getting back, then you haven’t found your purpose yet and this will suck the juice out of your life.

I thank God for holding my hand even when I didn’t know He was there. I didn’t turn to addictions when the TV stress was unbearable, I’ve never taken a bank loan to keep up with the Joneses, He tempered me all thru and saved me from myself.

I wish all of them the very best but most of all I pray that we give back to God what He gave us so that He makes it pure, in order to accomplish His purpose alone. The reason the image thing is taking us to early graves is because it’s all about the flesh. It’s shortsighted. The flesh will always compete with the spirit.

But there’s a God purpose to why He gave you that name and it’s got nothing to do with what your eyes can see. So, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

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