Gospel music producer and minister, Pastor Eric Omba has denied allegations that he cheated on his wife, gospel singer Gloria Muliro.

Talking to Tamima Ibrahim on Switch TV, Omba said that Gloria didn’t have evidence that he was unfaithful.

“Oh my goodness. What kind of cheating, you know cheating has two sides, cheating by speaking, stealing or sleeping with a woman,” said Pastor Omba


“She didn’t have evidence, no woman came out to say that Eric had an affair. She was just saying what she heard from her friends, when you accuse somebody of being cheating through rumors, its not good”

“I did not cheat. I was very faithful. What she has, everybody has, she was sweet, good and very nice. My job was public and I didn’t cheat”

Omba went on to say that his marriage scandal made him lose friends as many of them supported his ex-wife.

“My team was very small and her team was very huge because she was in the public domain.

“You can’t fight a woman and it was in public and I didn’t know. I saw myself on TV that Eric Omba did this and that. It was a surprise to me, I felt bad and kept quiet to see where this kind of storm is heading to.”

After denying that he cheated he went on to insinuate that the reason his marriage to Gloria Muliro failed was that she focused on outsiders and not her husband.

“Sometimes you need to focus on your husband and not what people say, listening to outsiders will cause more damage to your marriage. and you have no evidence”

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