Eric Omondi

Assumpta Waeni, the lady who recently made headlines after a photo of her in bed with Eric Omondi surfaced has apologized to her boyfriend.

Assumpta Waeni

Assumpta, who bears a freakish resemblance to Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama Hamisa Mobetto, was dating Madini Classic, a local artiste.

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Madini called out the comic on social media, claiming he stole his girlfriend and conned him Sh60k as well.

Madini Classic

Through her Instagram page, Assumpta said she never cheated on Madini with Eric Omondi.

‘Hi people, my name is Assumpta Waeni.

Ok, nimeona issue ya Madini Classic na Eric. reason why I have decided to post this is to make it clear to Madini Classic and the entire country that yes Eric Omondi alinikatia.

He invited me out on several occasions but hata kwa siku moja sikuenda. [But I never went]

I know Madini Classic couldn’t have believed me even after sending him screenshots which I won’t mention its content

All I need is his forgiveness and I want him to know that I did not cheat on him with Eric Omondi.

Madini Classic

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Assumpta’s post ignited mixed reactions.

One of her followers wrote, ‘Entire country? Why do you think your relationship is a national issue. Bullshit’

Another one wrote,

😳😳 Don’t go that low for a man thinking that ukipost ndio atakusamehe, no.the same applies to the ladies too. someone will ever find a reason to leave your life if he didn’t love you at first. maoni tu.

Another one commented

These ladies are for everybody just get your money and move brothers.

Another one wrote,

The amount of joblessness in Kenya why is she writing for us who asked her? Why am asking why who’s she and Madini? Okey people need employment this sum bullshit.

Another one wrote, 😂😂😂😂 Lol Baby Girl said she didn’t Cheat, She Didn’t Cheat. Black 👏Women👏 Don’t👏 Cheat👏#keepthesameenergy

Another one commented, ‘I saw this post n only one song came into my head🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮…mapepo zinakufwata.’

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