Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux has said that he is happy that his ex Vanessa Mdee has already found love despite their breakup.

Juma and Mdee had dated for 5 years before the relationship came to an end. Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho Jux said,

‘Vanessa and I broke up in December 2018, by the time people found out we had been apart for like 8 months.

We were together because we had projects.

To people it might look like I moved on too fast but it was not.’

Juma Jux

Jux went on to add,

 ‘I was waiting for her to be happy and she is finally there.

When you love someone and you break up and one person moves on and the other does not it is not a good feeling.

All I want is peace, I am sure she is happy. I watch Rotimi on tv a lot.’

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He added that Vanessa will always be a part of his life.

‘Every time people talk about my love life Vanessa Mdee’s name must be mentioned after all we dated for 5 years.

I am however happy for her and she is happy for me and that is all that matters.’

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