Nyashinski and Zia Bett

Kenyan music icon, Nameless is one of the members in Nyashinski’s boy’s club.

Nameless was one of the boys that accompanied rapper Nayshinski to Nandi for the traditional ceremony where dowry is negotiated. Others were Fakii Liwali, Big Pin, Bien Barasa and Savara Mudigi of Sauti Sol.

Nyashinski is set to wed Zippy Bett soon in a shite wedding.

Speaking to Nameless, we asked him if he has already bought his groomsman suit for Nyashinski’s wedding.

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Nyashinski and Zia BettNameless told Mpasho,

“You guys, I don’t know how that story was twisted to become a lavish wedding. manze, we had even gone with creased shirts, this was not a wedding, man!”

Adding, “But we are happy to see jamaa ameamua. You can imagine, hii time ako na pressure mob.”

Nyashinski drinking mursik

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Nyashinski and Zia BettHow did he ensure that Nyashinski got a discount during the dowry negotiations?

“By the way huko, niliongea! Nilimpatia marks hapo mpaka tuu mambuyu wanasema, Okay… (nodding their heads),” Nameless told Mpasho.

Nyashinski and Zia BettLater, Nameless said that after his best man speech, “Nyashinki came an told me, ‘Wee! hapo umenipatia marks hapo.'”

He continued, “You know that whole time, the uncles are talking so nicely about her. Like, ‘Nyash, mumepata mtuuuuu! so they were looking to see who will come and talk on behalf of Nyashinki pia atuongeze points hapo.”

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NyashinskiOn the marriage advise he gave Nyashinski, Nameless said,

“I was being real with him, I told him, this thing is not going to be easy and you have to develop skills of how to live with each other because we are not taught those things. Nowadays we are lucky, now, there are books that talk about emotional intelligence to understand the differences to understand the emotions. If you don’t you miscommunicate so much mpaka unashindwa why this thing is not working out.”

Adding, I also had to go back and see why I was struggling in some areas and I was like because we have not developed ourselves as much. So I always tell those of us who are going into marriage to develop that intelligence it makes marriage better and better.

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