Romy Jones-Diamond Platnum’z DJ is the man who always holds it down for Diamond and the entire Wasafi family when it comes to stage performances.

Romy and Diamond

He is never left behind when the team travels anywhere on their world tours. The two are close, to a point they refer to each other as brothers.

Their relationship, Romy says, has grown over the years. For him to cooperate with the whole team, he needed to get rid of a few things including the tipple.

The Dj posing

Romy Jones confesses he was a serious alcoholic but he is proud of himself for holding the three-year coin of sobriety.

Alcohol was a problem and it always led to fights with the team, but the one experience that made him drop alcohol was a scary incidence.

The Wasafi team had a festival and of course, brands would want to be associated with them given how big their brand is.

The two during a shoot

The team was given alcohol backstage by the brand and he guzzled two bottles then finished up with a shot of whiskey before heading to the stage.

He spoke to The Bartender on Wasafi TV saying he mixed a lot of brands.

I took two bottles of alcohol, different colours then took a shot of whisky. I went on stage and bro, I couldn’t hear anything nor could I remember anything the next day

Romy Jones added:

when watching the clip afterwards I asked myself, why did the management team allow me to step on stage like that? Funny enough it all went well other than there is a song I did not finish performing to the end.

Romy in a black and yellow outfit

He also talked about the other effects that made him get to the point of quitting alcohol.

Romy said:

every time I try to remember that night, I fail, that is when I realized, alcohol can mess up your head and your memory. it’s also just baggage. going for gigs and meeting with a hangover, you can’t eat. aah, so I decided to quit.