Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has finally spoken out about her breast enlargement. The Kenyan socialite has confirmed that she indeed went for a breast enlargement surgery abroad after the boyfriend she dated forced her into it.

Talking to Tanzania’s Lil Ommy,Alhuda Njoroge, her real name added that if given a chance she would walk around naked.

“Nilikua na-date mtu na alikua anapenda maziwa makubwa but nilikua flat. I love my body so much, ingewezekana watu kutembea uchi ningekua natembea uchi daily. Ningekua sivai chochote cause I’m very confident with my body.”


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She then revealed that she once dated a vice-president from a country that she didn’t mention. Also, she was in a relationship with a professional footballer for a ‘big team.’

“I was dating somebody who was very wealthy, alikua ni vice-president wa country fulani after that I dated somebody else who was a footballer in a very big team.”

When asked whether she has ever slept with Nigeria’s Wizkid, the socialite said

‘No, yes’

Wizkid huddah

Huddah wizkid