Aliiptisam vs Noti Flow

Nairobi Diaries Aliiptisam, aka Sicho, is one sexy and courageous lass. Despite being the murderer of the Queen’s language, Sicho is never afraid of opening her mouth.

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Recently, on the Nairobi Diaries latest episode, Sicho beat up her fellow actress Noti Flow, who she says always insults her.

“Noti Flow speaks very ill of me, yet she doesn’t know shit about me. She calls me a hoe, bad mother… It’s very disturbing even for all mothers out there,” she exclusively told Mpasho.

Noti Flow

She stated that there’s no bad blood between the two of them, and Noti Flow’s loose nuts need to be tightened.

“I don’t have beef with this useless nonsense girl who doesn’t have a life.”

The mother of one, who hangs out at high-end joints, revealed to Mpasho that she only dates rich men and not broke ones. Aliiptisam says she is single and searching for a sponsor who can foot her lavish lifestyle.

“I have always dated sponsors only. And I don’t chase, I replace.”

She continued;

“Right now I’m single and searching for sponsors only. No time for small broke-ass niggas who got no life. I don’t mind Nigerians or Kenyans, so long as issa sponsor.”

When asked how much or the most expensive gift a sponsor has ever been given, she laughed and said:

“Well, I don’t like gifts. I prefer USD (Dollars) than gifts. So my gifts are in my bank accounts. And the highest amount I have ever been given, hmmm… that’s my privacy.”

The sexy lass claims she’s the hottest and there’s no socialite that can match her.

“No one can compete with me. I am the game and hottest in the street.”

photo of Aliiptisam courtesy of Ink Production

Aliiptisam also clarified her relationship with singer-cum-reality show star Colonel Mustafa, alias Uncle Mus, alias Lipunda, saying they are just colleagues.

Colonel mustafa

“Mustafa and I have no romantic relationship. Apart from the show, Mustafa is a good guy. We are just friends and colleagues.

The reality star is among the few who are happy with the shisha ban, and she is supporting the government for the great move.

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“The shisha ban is such a great idea. I support all the way. 2018 goal is to stay healthy, clean and focused to even get more sponsors. So for me, shisha is unhealthy, and I support the government for banning it. This is good for our upcoming generation.”

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