Kate Actress

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has on numerous occasions spoken about how she got pregnant after being in Uganda for only three months.

But the ‘Sue And Jonnie’ star has now opened up on the heartbreak part.

Finding out she was pregnant, things didn’t go well with the father of her first kid.

And while contributing to a Twitter thread, she revealed how her face got swollen from crying after the heartbreak.

“I cried from Uganda to Nairobi nonstop, one of the passengers innocently asked me whether I had been attacked by bees, my whole face was swollen. I said allergies and I didn’t lie, I have been extremely allergic to emotional BS since.”

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In a past interview with MC Jessy, Kate revealed that her mum paid a whooping Ksh 400k for her to study only to come back pregnant.

“After three months in Uganda for Campus, I was pregnant, I think Mathe alikuwa amechoka hata akawish angezaa maandazi akunywe nayo chai (Laughing). Alikuwa amechukua loan ya Sh400K anipeleke Kampala International University, hata sijabreathe, ball…enyewe nilisumbua. Nilikaa kaa huko juu that time hata sikuwa naelewa ball ni nini, I was barely 19…so after kurudi mathe hakukuwa nikamuandikia kibarua hapo kirefu, nikahepa kwa kina beshte yangu but eventually nilirudi home. I broke the news to my mum in a letter… I really disappointed her but she never gave up on her.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress flaunts baby bump

Kate is now married to film director Phil Karanja. She recently gave birth to baby number two.