Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o is set to graduate next month at the Daystar University where he has been studying for four years.

He took to social media to share how excited yet emotional he was when his name was on the list of people who are graduating.

He wrote;

Today has been a good day….l just want to thank God this far He remains Elshadai! 4 years at Daystar UNIVERSITY was summed up in bitter sweet tears! When !confirmed that my name was in the list of 2020 Graduating students I just cried_but picking my gown today was even more emotional…Late nights.. .Projects-.cancelled events and just wish my Dad was here to see me fulfill His wishes…You might not understand why my undergrad means slot to me…but I will live to tell this story why I had to graduate or go to school at my Age! NOVEMBER 13 WHEN THEY CALL MY NAME! GOD YOU ARE EBENEZER!!

He went on to dedicate this graduation to his late dad.

“Dad this is for you. Continue resting in peace. I’ll make you proud”


He added that;

“If you knew where some of us come from …you will never pray or want us to fail.. We have been tasked to break alot of generational Curses…we are not perfect…never will I say that…I have my shortcomings but God got us!!”

Jalang’o wrote this after he picked his graduation gown for next month’s graduation.

In a past interview with Mpasho, he revealed that his dad didn’t have the money to pay for his university fees after high school. He started selling fish in Homa Bay and later came to Nairobi to look for employment,

His big break was on the local drama series, Papa Shirandula, since then he has become a household name.

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