Judge Ian Mbugua

Ian Mbugua is a celebrity who is loved and hated in equal measure. The former Tusker Project (TPF) judge and Citizen TV fashion police panelist is a strict man.

Ian Mbugua

Ian says things as they are. He doesn’t sugarcoat things and back in the day when he hosted these shows, he made many hate him because of his honest opinions, especially the TFP contestants.

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It’s been seven years since the last season of TPF was held but Ian Mbugua is still the talk of the town. He hasn’t been forgotten. Wasn’t he the best judge on the show?

‘I’m fascinated that people still talk about Tusker Project Fame although it ended 7 years ago! Clearly, I created a memorable monster! 😆 😆 ‘ he tweeted.

The post attracted 1.5k comments and 13.6k likes with those who got a chance to interact with him sharing their worst experiences. Viewers of the show also shared some of the memorable moments by Ian.

Ian Mbugua

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Below are reactions to Ian’s post

Linus Kaikai As they say in very complimentary terms; You’re a BEAST, Ian!

Gabriel Mwai You were an unfair judge. I appeared before you at the Phoenix theatre sometime in the late 90s and until today I have never gotten my results.

Rach Mwendwa You def did. The first time I saw you in person was at St Andrews. I really wanted to join the choir soo badly and you happen to be a member of the choir. I had to re-consider my aspirations in life. I’ll just stick to singing “Blessed Assurance” in the shower

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Wamutahi Every time I see the word pathetic I laugh at how pathetic you made pathetic appear pathetic

Kevin Bosire It made some of us know you. I loved how u spoke your mind. Standing out of a crowd is what made u famous ..hehehe

Wanjiru Kiguru This dude stressed even the viewers at home yawa. We need this show back
😂 😂
Immaculate Mwende That is the only thing we remember you is you stood out from every other judge

Nimrod Neema Meet me on the street and I will pat your shoulder ‘you must be Ian wa Tusker project’
Grinning face with smiling eyes

Victor Leon If there is anybody who will never forget you is http://Ngangalito.You once told him immediately after his performance “You can only make a good back up Dancer” lol.Then guess wat ?the next performance on stage was him as a back up to someone and he killed it

Nimrod Mwimali It really did for sure. I was very young (a pupil) at that time but i still recall it like it was yesterday. Good work is good work indeed.

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Chemu I remember how you once told one of the contestants… ‘you are sooo beautiful, why sing’
Rolling on the floor laughing .. I don’t quite remember her name but she referred to herself as the purple diva.. I felt for her Jabez Maz You did. People will forget what you did. People will forget what you said. But we never forget how you made us feel. Even two years I met you and your family at bamburi beach resort and my son played with your daughter Kwa pool lakini I kept thinking huyu ni yule Ian mmoja ptho!

Harrison Nyoro TPF remains the best reality singing show that ever happened in this region. .. Msechu from Tz doing papa wemba still lingers vibrantly . Dr Mitch really complimented the moments.

Enith Kyalo I have never forgotten what you told a contestant by the name Gabiro. He sang a song ” I believe I can fly” and you told him ” he will fly back home”

David Wainaina Actually, you, Judge Ian was the face of TPF. without you it was just like any other show

Elly Okutoyi It’s been 7 years already? Our PTSD as viewers (and contestants) makes it look like the other day! You made all of us realize our levels of mediocrity, something that has pushed us to be better at what we do in our daily lives by asking self, #WhatWouldJudgeIanSay

Joyce G You were nasty …Brutally honest! The kind that kept us hooked onto every episode, though. I have to say anyone who made it through with your ‘judgement’ completely earned it
Grimacing face

Karol Ebagwa Personally, I can’t imagine addressing you Ian, it just has to be Judge Ian.
You were the face of Tusker Project Fame, stressing the participants n the viewers back @ home. You made me hear the word ‘pathetic’ for the first time n being a little girl, I used it anyhow!

Kisaka Wamoto You were a tough and honest http://Judge.My daughter was very young but followed it religiously.

Renah Amondi One time you told a contestant “you are like a cockroach that refuses to die” after she had been on probation almost three times consecutively and being saved by voters

Diana Muchai You really are a monster. I was 10yrs old and I can still hear what you told a contestant.Gael or whatever her name was

Kiprotich Koskey It’s true, Tusker Project Fame 4 will forever remain in our minds. The peak of it is when you took a completely different view from the rest of the judges to exit participants from the competition. Your hair was black 7 yrs ago

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