DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat posing

Gospel artiste DK Kwenye Beat has in an interview with Mpasho denied that he mocked the girl involved in the herpes scandal.

DK and Hope Kid were accused of having a threesome with the college student from Nakuru.

Speaking about the incident DK says that the audio purportedly of him “mocking the lady” was shared by malicious people.

Those were just enemies of God that was not me. If it was me I would have addressed it because at the time I addressed every allegation that had been leveled against me.

DK Kwenye Beat and pals heard talking about 20-year-old lady in leaked audio

DK admits that people misunderstood him something that is deeply regrettable.

The only thing people don’t understand is that I did not apologized because I was wrong and the other person was right.

DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid in prayer
DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid who are members of the church

I apologized because I am a public figure and there are people who look up to me as their role model.

DK adds,

Rape is something serious and it was important for me to address the issue as an acknowledgement that I knew how things were going on. If it was a lady accusing you of giving her a flu it would be easy but it was not.

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DK, however, adds that people took his apology for as an admission that he had indeed raped the girl in question which was not the case.

People should understand that I apologized because I could not let my ego control me.

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