Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has for the first time spoken out after shooting DJ Evolve in the neck at Nairobi’s B Club on January 17.

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Speaking in an interview with Capital FM, the controversial politician evaded talking about DJ Evolve’s case but said it was a matter between him and God.

Asked about any regrets, he said

That matter as you all know, as Kenyans know is a matter that is sub judice. It is a matter that is before a court of law and a matter before a court of law should not be discussed, as much as I would love to discuss and talk about it.

Secondly, it is a matter that is between me and God and I chose to forgive myself and I want to tell you, we cannot change the past but we can change the future. Let us focus on what is coming in the foreseeable future, let us not dwell so much in our past because we can’t change it no matter how much we’d wish to change it.

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Babu Owino has been accused of not paying the disc jockey’s hospital bill which has shot to over Ksh7 million by his family which

Again I would not wish to dwell on that, matters bills, I will pay and I’ll leave it at that,’ the legislator said.

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