A city woman is paying for her sins after cheating on her fiancé. According to this woman, she cheated on her fiance of six years with a married man who happens to be her colleague.

‘I Cheated On My Husband Because He Refused To Give Me Money For Christmas, Confesses Unapologetic Woman

She says her fiancé has since gone silent and she doesn’t want to lose him. The lady is heartbroken and she has written to a relationship expert seeking for advice. Here’s what she wrote;

“I’m so heartbroken and disappointed with myself but my fiancé pushed me to this. i’ll be 30 this year. we’ve been together for 6 years plus now, he never proposed but we had our introduction sometime last year because he was travelling for greener pastures and needed to assure my family he would be back to marry me, even so, I had to talk him into it.

Thinking back now I think he wasn’t really into the intro, his mum and sister too but his dad and other sister were. Since he got a visa, he and his mum changed towards me, his mum who had always wanted us to get married even when he had nothing is now acting all cold towards me. I once got an all-expense paid opportunity to travel but I turned it down cos I didn’t want to go without him. When he was in 9ja he called regularly even my friends complained that he called too often but I loved all that attention but now he rarely calls or chats me up.

We had a little argument recently because I joked about being where I wasn’t, even after I told him I was joking, he blocked me everywhere and didn’t talk to me for a week. It felt like he had been waiting for an opportunity to fight because I begged and begged. When he finally unblocked me I saw his snap on Snapchat, he was in a house party and a girl was twerking for him, what even pained me was he held the girl, maybe he didn’t know it was still there or he intentionally left it there to hurt me don’t know. When I saw it I didn’t fight him I just said I see you r enjoying yourself that’s why u av bn acting funny and he didn’t even try to defend himself, he just deleted the snap. Since he unblocked m he’s been cold and strange, I’m so hurt and heartbroken, this is someone I have sacrificed so much for.

 I’m so hurt and heartbroken this is someone I av sacrificed so much for. The married guy is a colleague that reminds me of him somehow, we recently went out for drinks, I got drunk and started curdling him, one thing led to another and we had oral sex, it felt so good I guess cos av bn celibate for almost a yr. He dropped m off at home and left. We planned to hang out the next day, we did and after drinks he asked that we go to his house that it was just going to be oral (his family is away for the yuletide) We got to his house, it felt too good and I was too weak and we had sex, he even bruised m. I feel even more hurt and alone now, all I wanted was to hangout and distract myself to stop hurting. I miss my fiancé even more, I feel terrible I cheated on him, I had wanted to keep my tightness for him. Why did he change?

I was with him when things were hard for him, in fact,, five yrs out of the whole six he had nothing but I stood by him even when everyone including his family looked down on him. Why are men like this?  What do I do? Since I saw the snap I haven’t been myself. How do I get over this heartache? how do I get past this? “