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An adulterous woman is paying for her sins after cheating on her husband.

I Just Cheated On My Husband And I Have Fallen In Love With My Mpango Wa Kando,’ Confesses Born Again Woman

This woman claims that her husband refused to give her money to go shopping for Christmas and she decided to sleep with another man who in return gave her the money she needed.

“My husband refused to give me MONEY FOR  Xmas money so I cheated on him .
I slept with one rich man and he gave me 300K . I used the money to buy things in the house and bought things for my kids. My husband confronted me demanding to know who gave me the money . I hit him on the head with a bottle and he beat me up. How do I get police officers to arrest this man?  He injured me with so many sharp objects. Help me I need justice,” she wrote to a relationship expert.

Here are reactions from social media users

Pearlz: Y are so shameless. I don’t even know what to say. T

Idia4real: Xmas is not a do or die affair. Do what you can do and leave the rest, there are more Xmas to celebrate. That was how a woman kill her husband last year because of Xmas chicken

Nelgenius: Are you for real? What you have done is prostitution. Your husband has every right to be angry. There is a big problem with our generation.

Oziomaoj: There’s something clearly wrong with this generation!

Ezinneamaka: Because of Xmas money madam? I feel for your husband, get off your high horse and apologize

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Bel_adele: I’m just here wondering an irresponsible man that probably only spends even little of his earnings on Whores and alcohol but not his family. It must be that bad and The marriage must not mean shit to this woman for her to this… Nothing else I can say than opt out before you lose yourself because of a man that can’t provide for you and your family. Violence is not the way.

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