Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru may come off as a tough guy, but behind that exterior, is a man whose heart has been broken by a woman before, thus venturing into mafisi sacco.

Speaking during a Mpasho Live interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Shaffie said he caught an ex getting entangled with someone else.


‘Imagine we ere out for an event with akina Maina Kageni during sound check am looking for my then girlfriend na simpati.

I was on the stage when I was giving Lovi of logombas some towels when I spotted my bae.

She was getting entangled with someone else. Since the show was still going on nikalenga ,I tried calling but she would disconnect my calls yet I was seeing her.’

‘I sent fare to a man in Kamiti thinking ni dame,’ Shaffie opens up

Feeling heartbroken, Shaffie decided to move on but his bae wouldn’t let him be.

‘From then my love for alcohol started in 2004-2005.


I flew back to Nairobi and the lady was calling me telling me ‘I did not see you in Mombasa’ and was like WTF!!

I bought another line and threw mine away. I had used my school fees so that I could communicate with her only for her to go out with herself.

She kept calling and calling. I took a bus to Mombasa and caught my woman getting all entangled with someone else.

So am looking for someone to marry me.’

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