A Kenyan man is still in pain after he caught his biological dad in bed with his wife. The young couple had only been married for 5 months.

*John said that the image is one he cannot get out of his mind.

‘My mum went for a burial and so I decided to go visit home like I always do after every two months.

My dad and my brother were the ones at home.

‘My ex committed suicide on the day I was to meet her,’ Khaligraph Jones

When I entered my house, I did not think of knocking after all it’s my house. I left home and I have.

Upon entering I found my dad on top of my wife,I could’t believe it.

I had left her at home because at work families are not allowed.’

John added that his mum has tried to reconcile them but he is not ready to forgive.

‘My mum has tried to call me and try to convince me to go back home so that we  can sit down and resolve the issue but I cannot.

I have since moved on and I am currently I am planning to get married but I will never leave my wife to stay in my parents compound.’

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