When she came in for her first media interview yesterday, she made sure she left an indelible fashion statement when she arrived at the Radio Africa offices. The interview was fun and one worth remembering…it’ll be up by the time you wrap your mind around this story. Anita Gaitho has been nominated for the 2015 BAKE Award. She’ll be competing with her fashion & style blogging counterparts This Is Ess, Joy Kendi, Sylvia Njoki and Miss Kibati.

On set, she was accompanied by her lovely sister Lisa Gaitho who recently graduated from university in South Africa. She’s back to the country and is set to take on life with a bang. Today, Anita will be doing her traditional wedding (Ruracio) and will be getting married to her fiance, who she loves and respects so much.

Taking a retrospect at where she was 7 months ago, it is clear that she’s been waiting anxiously for this big day. She’s been waiting to get married and make a family.

In the post, she notes that she’s planning to have a maximum of 2 kids, that vulgar is her therapy (we all curse at times) and that she’s more spiritual than religious.

This is her during our interview with her:

Read more of the facts she revealed about her in the IG post below:

Been tagged by @atupelekyala and @bantu_princess for the 20 facts about me…I'm enjoying reading others sooo…here goes mine. 1. I'm very open-minded and non-judgemental.(you can tell me your dirty little secrets and not worry about what I'll think!) 2. I have 5 siblings, including a twin sister. Absolutely love being part of a big family. 3. For myself, I want a small family. 2 kids max. 4. I love driving. I always volunteer to be the designated driver. 5. I love working out at the gym. 6. I have a mild case of OCD. I wash my hands with soap like 50 times a day. 7. I'm engaged to a petrol head and the speed he drives at scares me sometimes. 8. I love spending time alone-introvert. 9. I'm very shy around new people. But I've learnt to fake confidence so you wouldn't know it. 10. TMI, but my twin sis and I, although fraternal, started our period on the exact same day. Even now, our cycles are still in sync. 11. I love cooking and baking fancy food & deserts for my man and my family. ? 12. I have very few friends. 13. I have such a sweet tooth, I used to fill a cup with sugar and eat it with a spoon ? 14. I can't wait to get married and move in with my man so I can get to feed & f*** him whenever I feel like it ? 15. I'm a little too vulgur- Curse words are my therapy. Just yell out 'fuuu*k' when you knock your little toe on the leg of a table and tell me if it doesn't feel better immediately ? 16. I'm quite friendly & I like having female friends. 17. I have some serious road-rage that might need to be checked. 18. I'm more spiritual than religious… I make an effort to cultivate a personal relationship with God but I'm not the girl in Church leading praise and worship in church on Sunday. 19. I have a short attention span. I need to be physically active to avoid falling asleep. I stopped going to the movies coz I black out 15 mins in and wake up when the credits are rolling. ? 20. I sing so well in the bathroom and dance so well in my bedroom. But outside those spaces, no ma'am! I tag whoever wants to do it!

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