Jowie Joe

Jowie Jowi whose real name is Joseph Irungu is a happy man after he was freed on a Ksh 2 million cash bail on Wednesday.

Jowie, who is the main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani had spent one and a half years in prison mostly at Kamiti before he was transferred to Mayani.

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He was released from Kamiti prison on Wednesday evening and was received warmly by his family.

In a video first published by K24 TV, the suspect was wearing a pair of blue jeans trousers and a sweater. He was sitting in the back of a Toyota Corolla car with his father, while a female was behind the wheels.

Jowie was busy on phone throughout the time he was filmed and when a K24 TV reporter asked for a second of his time, he said,

I can’t talk right now bana I’m on phone,’ he said smiling broadly

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His mother while speaking to the media house said she and her family were surprised by God’s miracle.

Unaeza ambiwa kitu uskie ni kitu hujawahi ambiwa dunia hii but tumeona Mungu akienda pamoja na sisi mpaka sahi.

Jowie's mother
Joseph Irungu’s mother

The suspect’s father commenting on his son’s release said,

We’re being frustrated by DCI because they’re holding Jowie’s passport yet it is one of the requirements by the court. It is supposed to be displayed in court.

Jowie's father
Jowie’s father

The case will commence next week and Jowie and his co-accused Jaque Maribe are set to attend all court sessions.

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