Bahati and Diana

Bahati’s reality show is on fire! The controversial gospel artiste has been accused of cheating on wife Diana Marua.

Emma, an employee of Bahati, spilled the beans to Diana. She told her,

We’ve been going for events and he flirts with women. There’s this particular chic who never misses any of his events. I don’t know how she usually knows where we are but I always see her.


Even though I’m telling you, I am afraid of losing my job.

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While reacting to the allegations, Diana said,

Emma tells me bunch of stuff and I am shook.

She continued,

So Bahati has been going for shows with this chic. Who does Bahati think he is? Because he’s a celebrity he thinks he can get away with anything?

Diana Marua flaunts her pregnancy

This is the last thing I expected to hear,’ the heavily pregnant diana exploded.

Diana, later on, hooked up with her sister [Michelle] at a local restaurant for lunch, but she was mad. She shared the story with her.

I’ve been giving Bahati credit for everything but sahii mahali imefika I just can’t. I’ve heard a lot of stories.

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When Diana went back home, she found Bahati at home and there was tension between them. She talked to the Mama hit singer in a not so friendly way asking for a phone charger and when he told her he didn’t have, she walked to the parking. She entered the car he had used on that particular day.

The heartbroken mother found a pair of new high heels in the car, leaving her hurt even more. She called her sister Michelle.

Imagine I can’t take this anymore. I’ve found out that he [Bahati] has bought that lady shoes,’ she spoke while crying.

Her sister advised her to calm down but Diana couldn’t keep quiet. She cried loudly.

Michelle showed up at her sister’s house and she was breathing fire. She accosted Bahati, who was chilling in the sitting room.

Bahati what is this now? Everyday stories. as A gospel artiste Why are you doing this to Diana and you know her condition right now,’ Michelle shouted.

Bahati responded saying,

If there’s an issue I am supposed to be told.

Diana, who was wearing a sad and tiresome face told her hubby that,

So it has gotten to a point where you buy women shoes and hide them in your car!

The singer didn’t take the accusations lightly and he responded back shouting,

Si hizo viatu ni zako [But those are your shoes]?

‘Why would you buy me high heels during this time?’ Diana posed.

The singer’s in-law shouted back at him.

Buying her heels with the condition she’s in right now? Why are you doing this to Diana? She’s pregnant. She’s pregnant for you! Her second baby and you’re doing this to her? Your days are numbered.

The two ladies told him that they had sufficient evidence that he was cheating.

Emma ameconfirm [has confirmed] and she has even shown us photos.

The angry singer stormed out of the house to go and confront Emma.

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