Betty Kyallo has said that should she get married again, she would only settle for a man who treats his wife as a partner and not some low life.

According to Betty, it’s unfair when both the man and woman are working late yet the man still expects the wife to cook.

Speaking on her You Tube Channel,she said

‘I work like a crazy madwoman.

Like not, me and my husband have left the house at the same time, then we come back at the same time and we are all so tired and he still expects me to then go to the kitchen and cook? Unless we are helping each other.

Not a man who will read the newspaper and wait for me to do it all.’

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She also went on to add that cooking is not her forte and has never been.

“I do not like to cook. I am not embarrassed anymore. I do not like to cook. As in I come here to kata vitu I just don’t like it.

Let me tell you, I promised kina Gloria I would cook for them but since I do not like it they were like, what will this be?” She said

Adding that for her, cooking is only done on special occasions.

I will only cook on special occasions. Maybe if manz buys me something, I will reciprocate but rarely. But I am very clean. So the man will either stand a clean house and no food.

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There is a lot of stigma on this cooking thing. These expectations that are put out for us women are too much.

I hope you not cook because women should cook for their men and children.’

Do you agree with Betty’s argument that si lazima mwanamke apike?

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