MCA Tricky and Renee
MCA Tricky and Renee

Churchill comedian MCA Tricky says he has no child, neither has he ever impregnated any woman in Kenya or anywhere in the world.

Tricky, however, said he is yearning for a baby.

“Honestly, right now I’m craving for a baby, but I can’t get her pregnant because she has her own plans.

I don’t have deadlines, though. However, I cannot regret having a baby.”

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He says his habits of posting photos with other people’s kids once landed him in trouble.

“There is a photo I took with a little baby at Parklands, I shared it on Instagram and the mother really argued with the husband.

That guy started saying that that was my kid instead.

Right now, I don’t like playing with things like those.

I have been taking many photos with other people’s kids and people think they are mine.”

MCA Tricky
Wearing a pink wig
 Tricky was responding to rumours on Twitter that he is a dad and even made an introduction of his alleged baby mama to his family.

“When I want you to see my child, I will show it to you.

But the part of introducing a woman to my family is not true. That’s my private life.


MCA Tricky 

“I don’t have a child but the time I will get a woman pregnant, you will know.

I don’t have a kid in Kenya or anywhere. Maybe I gave out and I wasn’t told.”

Tricky said the recent photo he shared with a woman and her son was only but his relatives.


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