Socialites Vera Sidika and Pendo have never liked each other since they both came into the limelight and it looks like the drama is far from over.

They have constantly attacked each other on social media and the cat fights have been witnessed in their new reality show on K24, Nairobi Diaries, where they throw mean words at each other recklessly.

The beef got real on the night of January 13, when Vera Sidika alleged that Pendo threw a beer bottle at her which ended up injuring one of the former’s bodyguards.

Vera And Pendo Involved In Vicious Fight! Pendo Throws Bottle At Vera, Police Get Involved!(Photo)

Pendo was recently at Kiss 100 studios where she took shots at Vera and even called her a ‘silicon barbie’ because of her fake boobs and bleached skin.

Now, it looks like Vera has had enough of Pendo’s insults and has even decided to report their recent bar brawl to the police. For Vera, the gloves are officially off, and she is no longer holding back in terms of throwing shade back at Pendo.

Vera was at Kiss 100 studios with Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru on Friday, where a lot went down, including Shaffie ‘checking’ whether her boobs are fake or real even comparing them to Kalekye’s enormous twins.

NYEGE HAZINA ADABU! Shaffie Weru Squeezes Vera Sidika And Kalekye Mumo’s Juicy Breasts

During the radio interview, Vera revealed that she would never date the same caliber of men as Pendo does, because taste and class is very different. Wow, no chills!

Well, too much talk; watch the video as Vera reveals that she dates better and classier men than Pendo. Click on the next page to see it>>